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  • What are the benefits of Blinds between glass applications

    The blinds between glass is a traditional sunshade product, which not only saves the use of space, but also achieves the purpose of shading. It also has the function of thermal insulation and noise prevention, while giving the building and interior with a new vision.

  • The energy-saving effect of Blinds Between Glass

    At present, the state strongly advocates green building, energy conservation building, and has introduced a number of specific rules and regulations, and put forward many specific requirements for building energy saving design.Sunshade facilities can control the sunlight to enter the indoor environment, reduce the energy consumption , artificial lighting of the buildings, improve the indoor lighting environment.

  • Selection of blinds between glass window

    In Chinese ancient buildings, horizontal window is a primitive style of blinds window,
    you can also say that it is the original state of the blinds window.

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